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Packed with educational and fun content, the new series has quickly created a unique place in hearts of children and adults alike.

Willow Foster-Thorpe, a passionate children’s author hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Lincolnshire, England, has embarked on a remarkable journey of creativity and compassion. With the creation of the “Unique Creatures” book series, she has opened a gateway to understanding, acceptance, and empowerment, finding its place place not only in the hearts of children but also resonated with adults

Foster-Thorpe’s journey into the world of writing was driven by a personal mission – to address a noticeable gap she observed during her own school years. The absence of books reflecting the experiences of individuals with disabilities ignited her determination to write. Her stories transcend mere entertainment; they unlock the doors to the enchanting village of Creatureville, where the uniqueness of each character is celebrated and embraced.

The “Unique Creatures” series marks a significant stride toward inclusivity, born out of Foster-Thorpe’s own experiences with her disability. These stories do not shy away from the realities of disabilities; instead, they confront them with grace, presenting characters that are both relatable and inspirational.

One of the standout characters, Rupert the Snail, is not just a character with autism; he serves as a beacon of understanding and kindness, leading readers on a train journey filled with happiness, shared experiences, and the challenges of being misunderstood. His story, “Understanding Autism with Rupert the Snail,” available on Amazon, offers a tender and insightful glimpse into a world that many inhabit, yet few books have ventured to depict with such care.

In “Understanding Deafness with Felix the Frog,” Felix, who is deaf and communicates using Makaton, invites readers into his world. This story, available on Amazon and WHSmith, goes beyond the quietude of his life; it delves into his vibrant personality and his universal longing for acceptance, delivering a poignant narrative of empathy.

Her website,, serves as a hub for her work, offering insights into her books and the message she passionately conveys. Willow’s dedication to her cause is evident in her ongoing efforts to reach a broader audience and inspire change.

As someone who has faced her own challenges, Willow understands the significance of overcoming obstacles. Living with Dyslexia during her school years was a test of resilience and determination. Her personal journey has fortified her belief that “Having a disability shouldn’t define who you are; everyone is unique and different.”

Willow Foster-Thorpe’s “Unique Creatures” isn’t just a book series; it’s a powerful message. Within its pages, having a disability doesn’t define someone; it’s merely one facet of an individual’s identity. Through her captivating tales, Foster-Thorpe conveys the belief that with confidence and persistence, anyone can achieve remarkable things.

Online, Foster-Thorpe extends her reach, inviting others to join her cause. Through her website and social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, she has cultivated a community that celebrates differences and nurtures potential. It’s a virtual space where readers can not only discover her books but also engage with the spirit behind her stories.

Stay tuned for her upcoming release, “Understanding Anxiety with Wilhelmina the Glow-worm,” expected within the next year.

In the end, Foster-Thorpe’s books fulfill the timeless role of great stories: they entertain, they inform, and most importantly, they inspire. 

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