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MIAMI, Fla. (November 1, 2023) — The Sopi Mitil Co. is pleased to announce the unveiling of its fall petite and curvy women’s fashion collection for stylish and sophisticated professionals who are tired of endlessly struggling to find professional attire that fits well. Sopi Mitil Co. is here to redefine elegance and luxury for petite and curvy women that leaves an indelible and sophisticated mark on the fashion world.

Sopi Mitil’s Story

The Sopi Mitil Co., founded by the dynamic Sopi herself, is the brainchild of a successful attorney turned fashion entrepreneur. Her eponymous brand was born out of a personal struggle to find chic and professional clothing for petite/curvy women. Frustrated with the lack of options, she embarked on a mission to create a line of timeless, luxury, sophisticated, petite women’s wear, complete with inclusive sizing options and daring designs.

Size Does Matter

Sopi Mitil’s Fall 2023 collection features 10 elegant women’s fashion ensembles tailored for stylish professionals and corporate leaders who want to exude confidence in every room they enter. The clothing line offers a proprietary multi-sized fit technology, ensuring a comfortable and flattering fit for every petite and curvy body type. Ladies can shop five varied size options for all fashion garments sold on including Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large.

Sopi Mitil’s motto is simple: Everyone deserves to love how they look, no matter their size.

Addressing The Gap

Statistics reveal that nearly half of American women stand at 5’4″ or under, while the average pant size is 14. Astonishingly, many fashion brands fail to offer inclusive sizing for petite and curvy women. As a woman-owned and operated fashion brand, Sopi Mitil is on a mission to transform the industry for the better.


Fit-First Philosophy For Petite Women

With the Pick Your Length fitting feature customers are offered three different lengths for sleeves and pants, enabling petite women to achieve a polished and tailored look – without the hassle of a trip to the tailor.

Sopi’s Styles & Sustainability

From delicate button up and long sleeve shirts to eye-catching dresses, jumpsuits and pants, The Sopi Mitil Co. was designed to offer a variety of fashion looks in bold colors and elegant silhouettes that will effortlessly hug your curves.

Sopi Mitil is headquartered in Orlando, Florida, and her exquisite pieces are sustainably crafted in Italy, epitomizing elegance and luxury. Committed to sustainability, she oversees every aspect of production, from sourcing materials to packaging, maintaining rigorous quality standards and ensuring ethical, safe, and skilled production through personal factory visits.

The materials she employs are a testament to her commitment to luxury and sustainability. They include natural fibers like wool, viscose, cotton, and silk, chosen for their opulence and eco-friendliness. In addition, she uses premium polyester blends, manufactured in Italy, adhering to stringent environmental regulations. To reduce waste, she also incorporates deadstock materials, aligning her brand with both style and environmental responsibility.

Sopi Mitil’s dedication to the environment is further underscored by her certifications. She proudly holds the Oeko-Tex 100 Standard certification, which guarantees that her materials are entirely free from harmful substances and pose no risks to human health. Additionally, her viscose and acetate materials are FSC certified, providing assurance of responsible sourcing.


Sopi’s Story

The world of fashion has witnessed the emergence of an exceptional talent, whose story is as inspiring as the garments she creates. Sopi Mitil, a first-generation Haitian-American, has dreamed of changing the fashion industry since age 11 when her passion for sewing first ignited. Growing up without an understanding of American culture, Sopi faced many challenges in her early life. Sopi became pregnant at age 16, and while the world may have perceived her as a high school dropout, she saw this as an opportunity to pivot her life in a new direction. Sopi pursued a Bachelor’s Degree at Florida International University, followed by a Master’s Degree at Florida Atlantic University.

She also earned a Juris Doctorate from the College of Law at Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University (FAMU). Today, Sopi stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of perseverance and determination. With two decades of hard work and dedication under her belt, she has turned her dreams into reality. Every thread woven into her fashion brand helps tell the story of her extraordinary journey, unwavering passion, and relentless commitment to bringing her unique vision to life.


Unlock Exclusive Offers

New online shoppers can enjoy a 10% discount on their first order at Sopi Mitil when they sign up for the brand’s email newsletter. Plus, experience the freedom of free shipping on orders over $199. Say goodbye to fashion frustrations and hello to Sopi Mitil – where elegance and empowerment unite.



The Sopi Mitil Co. is a fashion brand that has emerged as a beacon of empowerment and style for petite and curvy women. Founded by Sopi, a former attorney turned fashion entrepreneur, the brand was born out of her personal struggle to find stylish and professional clothing tailored to her size. Sopi’s dedication to creating a solution to this common problem has resulted in a brand that offers: inclusive sizing, personalization, fashion diversity, sustainability, luxury, empowerment, and exclusive offers. The Sopi Mitil Co. has emerged as a trailblazer in the fashion industry, addressing the long-standing issue of inclusivity for petite and curvy women. It offers a new way to embrace style and confidence, making fashion a source of empowerment for women of all sizes.


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