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Making a name for oneself is no easy feat. It requires patience, talent, and consistent hard work. But it is even harder to do it when the industry is already saturated and solid – like music. It all boils down to how different and original your sound is, and even that can be perceived differently by different people. To truly stand out, you need to have something that no one does. In music, that often means having a unique voice, tone, or technique. Rising Cuban artist Roberto ‘Kique’ Gomez has all three.

More notably known as an alum of The Voice, Kique is as individual in his craft as one can be. He is originally from Miami, Florida, and comes from a Hispanic family. His music is the canvas on which his Cuban and American roots become enmeshed. During his Blind Auditions for the show, his tone and technique were the highlights, with established talent like John Legend and Camila Cabello preferring different sides to his voice. He ultimately joined Team Gwen (Stefani) and went all the way to the Top 10. Unfortunately, at that point, he caught the Coronavirus and performed from home. His performance, despite meeting all the top requirements somehow fell short of the spark for his fans and he was eliminated.

Since his departure from the show, Kique has been performing in concerts and working for the recording studio. He says in one of his Instagram reels, “This is not the end for us. There is so much more in the pipeline that I cannot wait to share with you all. Just know that great stuff is cooking.” To Kique, it has been a difficult journey to find space for himself in the music industry. He believes that the fast-paced music industry is not for everyone, which is why genres like Indie and Blues are not topping the charts. At the same time, music provides one with endless room for exploration and expression. He has found following your voice and letting it branch out in its direction to be the best course of action for any artist.

It is easy to follow influential names when entering any agile industry. Everyone craves a stable slate of support. But this can just as easily mean you end up sacrificing your originality – what makes you who you are. This is one thing that Kique has made sure not to do. He takes inspiration from other musicians but never copies their work. For all his covers on The Voice, from the blind Auditions to the Top 10 performances, he took creative license with the melody or tune and shone brighter than most contestants on the stage. This is what the judges and audience loved about him and why fans continue to root for him.

You can follow Kique’s journey in the wake of his The Voice days and stay updated with the latest developments and announcements on his Instagram account.


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