Michael Eddy's "Small Towns" reminds listeners to embrace their roots.
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In the expansive tapestry of Los Angeles’ dynamic music landscape, Michael Eddy emerges as an artist of compelling multidimensionality. Commanding a suite of talents that spans songwriting, instrumental proficiency, cinematic presence, choreographic insights, and emotive storytelling, His artistic repertoire showcases profound versatility.

Drawing from a cultivated sonic palette that channels the enduring legacies of The Beatles and Marvin Gaye, with the incendiary guitar prowess reminiscent of Van Halen and the distinctive rhythmic sensibilities of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Michael Eddy is curating a sound that marries rock, pop, and country into an inventive auditory narrative.

For his seminal track, Michael Eddy sought collaboration with industry luminary Michael Orland, renowned for his tenure with “American Idol.” The result, “Small Towns,” is a sophisticated interplay of pop’s effervescence and country’s heart. The track elucidates the exhilaration of exploration juxtaposed against the gravitas of one’s roots. With acoustic undertones, infectious choruses, and resonant vocals, “Small Towns” positions him as a tour de force in cross-genre innovation.

As a bona fide member of the Screen Actors Guild and a luminary in the hip-hop sphere, Michael Eddy extrapolates his core principles into his sonic endeavors. An ardent proponent of empathy and inclusivity, his narratives are grounded in the solid foundation of familial values and community ethos. Michael Eddy articulates, “The cornerstone of my upbringing has always been intrinsic kindness. My lineage, particularly the influence of my late grandmother, has been paramount. I’ve been nurtured to champion inclusivity, and my aspiration is that my musical creations act as catalysts for affirmative change.”

With “Small Towns” being the first among what promises to be a series of distinguished releases, Michael Eddy firmly establishes himself as an industry paragon to monitor. Engage with “Small Towns” across all major streaming platforms.

For a deeper delve into Michael Eddy’s evolving narrative, access his official digital portal or peruse his insights on Instagram @itsMichaelEddy.

Listen to “Small Towns” on Spotify.

Watch “Small Towns” official video on YouTube.



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