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Comment on From Bagels To Torah Scrolls: A Culinary Journey Through Jewish Culture by mosckerr Fri, 27 Oct 2023 10:50:24 +0000 מלמד שגדולה שמושה יותר מלמודה.
Find it rather interesting that the Framers of our Gemara have pre-chewed these tiny sugyot into bit sized bites. As if they expected children to study the Gemara of ברכות. These small sugyot break the mussar p’shat down to easily digestable sizes.

However, if you read the Talmud like as does dof yomi, then the subtlety of this genius of Framing and editing – throws out the bath water together with the baby. Until I met Rav Nemuraskii, not even Rav Waldman prioritized sugya integrity. This unique sh’itta taught by Rav Nemuraskii has impacted how i approach the study of Gemarah.

I cannot comment upon my practice of Gemara, seeing that my perspective views Torah as a political Constitutional document, and Talmud as the ideal model of Jewish lateral common law jurisprudence within our society of Israel today.

Clearly my hostility toward the religious statute law halachic codifications, which serve as the spine of religious Judaism, has impacted how my private personal life conduct shapes itself. Absolutely reject the Neturei Karta ‘Torah True Judaism’ as nothing other than tumah arrogance on par with the ‘Blood Libel Slanders’ Goyim Churchmen employed as their excuse to murder Jews by their Easter pogroms.

The idea of separation of church and State, an 18th Century American & French revolutionary idea, truly appeals to me. As does the concept that the Government MUST NEVER enter into the business of establishing Corporate Monopolies which dominate trade and commerce within the National economy of Israel.

This cultural bias of government established Corporate monopolies, it defines both Western Capitalist and Eastern Socialist political theories, as advanced by political scientists of the 19th, 20th, and & 21st Centuries.

The Gemara of ברכות serves as the יסוד, how the Gemara learns the whole of the Mishna. That swearing a Torah oath has the power to Create מלאכים, יש מאין…תמיד מעשה בראשית does not limit the reality of the Gods to 3 physical dimensions of comprehension.

Truly amazes me that only until the late 19th Century, finally developed hyperbolic non-Euclidean – differential geometry. Classic Greek philosophy held that a straight line can connect any point A to point B. That a circle must have a center with its radius. The principle of Gaussian curvature separates the philosophy of 19th Century hyperbolic geometry from ancient Greek plain geometry; based upon the basic concept that Space has an inherent curvature. Look at pictures of Galaxies and consider their natural spirals.

The clash of civilizations modern against ancient in the realm of mathematics influenced how ancient man could bow down to idols made of Wood and stone. How the Xtian Church absolutely requires a physical historical God/messiah-Man.

Left learning in the Chabad Yeshiva over the crazed Moshiach religious rhetoric non-sense, together with the commentary on the Shulkan Aruch written by the Shneur Zalman, Baal Ha-Tanya – the first Rebbe of Ha’Bad – pun intended.

The Ponevezh Yeshiva, Rav Shach’s condemnation of Chabad as the nearest thing to Judaism, appealed to me the instant I heard it. Rav Shach’s mussar directed against my socialist kibbutz ‘Gan Shmuel’, caused me to leave that kibbutz and first ask to learn in Yeshiva.

Seeing the מרץ שרץ signs in Mea Shearim, an equal turn-off. As the two wine bottles, filled with water, thrown at my head by two yeshiva bocherim, as I walked to clean the shul of Rabbi Elyashiv prior to Chag Pesach. Equally filled me with disdain, which I have never forgotten nor forgiven.

Actions speak louder than words, perhaps clarifies the k’vanna of this sugya. Orthodox Judaism as completely off the דרך. This opinion/interpretation bases itself upon the rejection that the Orthodox hold a monopoly over the Torah, looks eye to eye in the mirror that the 1st Rule of Government: to prevent our people falling into Civil War among ourselves.

Israel as a start-up nation depends upon modern education. My University education gave me the means to reject ancient Greek philosophy as flawed. Much Iike I equally reject Gaonim and Reshonim assimilated to ancient Greek philosophy as equally flawed.

Remember, the religious denunciation my first year in the Chabad Yeshiva of the assimilated Halaskah ‘enlightenment movement’ of the post Napoleon, freeing the Jews from the Catholic ghetto war-crimes.

Jews entered early in the 16th Century ghetto prisons as the most educated population in Europe. Jews left the ghettos walls as uneducated uncouth country bumpkins. Prior to the ghetto, the idea of serfs did not enjoy political citizen rights prevailed. The world had radically changed when Napoleon freed our People from Church imposed poverty.

The Reform and Halaskah movements, attempts by Jews to catch-up with how European society had so radically changed. Jews had long ago forgotten the Rambam Civil War. Jewish rabbis only needed to learn the halachot within the Shulkan Aruch. This religious ghetto bias, equally provoke the late 19th Century Mussar movement.

Alas Yisroel Salanter’s Mussar movement, strongly tended to divorce mussar from both T’NaCH and Aggadah literature! Jews has lost the wisdom of how to learn Talmud. This disaster plagues the Yeshiva education syste to this day, as perhaps best exemplified by the Modern Orthodox Brisker method of pilpulism of Reshonim infallible Popes.

My sarcasm perhaps excessively drips over my personal contempt for post Rambam Talmudic scholarship. The absolute failure of Yeshiva education to discern between common law vs. statute Roman law! An error repeated by generation after generation after generation, remains an error.

This false conversion which calls evil good and good evil, an absolute abomination which scars my nostrils with its absolute stench … which the Yeshiva world now emphatically praises, as the finest sweet smelling perfume. The equivalent of growing pig meat in a test-tube and calling it kosher.

As a baali t’shuva, I still sometimes walk into Russian stores and touch the glass which holds behind it, pork cuts of meat. I love the taste of pork and shrimp and lobster.

Honestly if test-tube meats exactly duplicated the taste of pork meat etc, I just might cave to my taivah tumah Yatzir hunger to eat such meat in conjunction with my taivah for free sex. The taivah love for tobacco and marijuana, has already caused me to behave like a dog who returns and eats its own vomit.

Hence my tendency to distance myself from Rav Shlomo Carlebach, and his medieval minstrel singing style. Acknowledge and validate its appeal. But for me, its just too close to the peasant ways of European kulture that dominated those g’lut societies before the American/French revolutions transformed peasants into citizens; created יש מאין citizens who have rights!

Let’s learn a בנין אב: מלכים ב ג:יב בתוך ג:ד-כז.
ועתה קחו לי מנגן והיה כנגן המנגן ותהי עליו יד השם.
כנגד את הבנין אב: ירמיה טז: ה – יח
The stark contrast between the one mussar from the other mussar. Herein undestands the k’vanna of this tiny sugia of our Gemarah. Not an exact בנין אב משנה תורה:
דברים ב:לא-ג:כב
The comparison of the Torah to the mussar of the prophets applies equally today as then. Do we create מלאכים מלחמה when the IDF soldiers go out to fight? Warfare achieves facts on the ground far better than Arab propaganda of “occupied illegal settlements.”

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