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Twenty-four hours after the 2023 Dallas Cowboys season came crashing down to the reality of mediocrity, the anger and frustration of their long-suffering fans hasn’t subsided. It’s impossible to blame one person or even one unit for the storm in Santa Clara on Sunday night. Everyone wearing a blue star on the helmet or hat was worse than terrible in this one. 

This was a pasting. The 49ers came out as if they were the betterteam, and then proceeded emphatically to prove it in front of a national TV audience. They also exposed to the world what many outside the fan base knew and what some inside the fan base feared. 

The 2023 Dallas Cowboys are frauds. 

This was a much deserved and well-earned bludgeoning. 28 days ago, the Cowboys appeared to be among the best, if not the best in the NFL. Now they’ve been exposed as not good enough. It’s not talent. There’s talent up and down the roster on both sides of the ball. 

They’re too nice. They simply don’t have the “alpha” mentality that it takes to be champions. They took the field Sunday hoping they could win. San Francisco knew they would. 

Their defense hoped to neutralize the 49ers offense. The 49ers offense wanted to kill them just to watch them die.  Their offense hoped to improve on their red zone woes. The 49ers defense didn’t even let them get there. 

Kyle Shanahan made Dan Quinn look like inadequate. Mike McCarthy’s “Texas Coast Offense” was named after the part with the oil refineries and not the college parties. There are some “alphas” on the Cowboys roster. It’s that collectively, they weren’t tough enough to win a game like this. 

And who knows when they ever will be?


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