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What if I told you the ultimate mood booster is right at your fingertips? And no, we’re not talking about the treadmill or chia seeds. It’s time to pull back the curtains and have a candid conversation about sexual self-care. Here’s the inside scoop, straight from the brilliant minds in the world of intimate wellness—Dr. Amir Marashi and Dr. Kimberly Lovie, the dynamic duo behind Cerē. They’re making the audacious claim that a little “me-time” can surpass even the most rigorous HIIT workout for mood-enhancing benefits. Yes, we’re talking about the often overlooked aspect of wellness—orgasms.

Science has shown that orgasms release a cocktail of potent neurochemicals like oxytocin, endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine. It’s like your body’s own VIP lounge, where all the cool neurotransmitters hang out. Even more exciting, achieving an orgasm activates the same brain regions that come alive when you’re jamming to your favorite tunes. Add music to steamy sessions? Now that’s a harmonious relationship!

So what can you expect from a quick escapade or some quality “alone time”? Improved mood, amplified energy levels, heightened happiness, stress relief, and enhanced emotional connection with yourself or your partner.

But let’s face it, not everyone’s invited to the O-party. Women, in particular, can find it more challenging to reach a consistent climax, especially as they age. That’s precisely why the innovative minds at Cerē are reshaping the landscape of sexual wellness.

For 28,000 years, pleasure tools have predominantly taken on phallic forms. But it’s a new era, and in 2022, the Cerē team broke ground by launching the first-ever vibrator modeled after the clitoris—meet the Lalalena ($95). This game-changer comes equipped with a glans, crura, and bulbs, ensuring that the entire clitoral area receives the royal treatment it so rightly deserves. Wondering how to use the Lalalena? Cerē makes it easy. Just head over to YouTube!

The Lalalena by Cerē

Indulge yourself in Cerē’s full line of physician-developed line of products created to align pleasure and anatomy in harmony. Enjoy yourself. Doctor’s orders!

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