What You Need to Know About Microfiber Sheets

If you need an affordable, comfortable, soft fabric that will not wrinkle or pill easily, microfiber may be the right choice for you. It is easy to clean, a quality choice for all season wear and a low-maintenance choice. But, since it is not actually a natural fabric, it is a bad choice for individuals with sensitive skin, especially when compared to natural fibers like cotton. Furthermore, even when microfiber sheets are extremely breathable, hot snorers may find microfiber sheets too soft for their sensitive bodies.

There are several things to consider when purchasing a microfiber sheet for your home. The primary consideration should be the gauge of the microfiber sheet. This refers to the number of grams per square inch. Most sheets are measured in grams per square inch, since they are a high-quality material with a high density. This means that microfiber sheet can be quite heavy, especially compared to most other natural fabrics.

Another consideration is the type of fiber used in the microfiber sheet. A common choice is polyester, which is a man-made fiber that is stronger and more durable than natural fibers. While polyester makes a great sheet, some consumers prefer nylon because of its lightweight qualities. The advantage of using nylon in place of polyester is that the sheet is lighter and it allows for more airflow. However, many experts do not recommend using a microfiber sheet with a nylon sheet because the two irritate sensitive skin, especially around the eyes.

When shopping for a microfiber sheet, you also need to determine what kind of weave you need. There are two kinds of weaves available: high thread count and low thread count. Thread count refers to the number of threads per square inch, where a high thread count means that more threads are per square inch. Typically, the better quality sheets will be made from high thread count microfiber. However, you can still find low quality sheets made from low thread count microfiber. You can get more information about microfiber vs cotton sheets.

Durability should also be a big concern when choosing a microfiber sheet. Many consumers prefer sheets made from natural fibers, such as cotton. However, synthetic fibers are becoming a great choice because they are stronger and tend to hold their shape well against daily wear and tear.

When comparing microfiber products, another factor to consider is price points. Most consumers stick to the lower price points because they feel this is where quality is most important. However, there are some excellent products that cost more than a few dollars per square foot. These products are usually made with superior quality microfiber and are even more durable than cotton sheets.

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