Top Options for Free Online Games to Play Today

A free online game directory is the best source for free online games. You can literally have an unlimited number of games to play whenever it fits into your schedule or whenever you get the urge to do so. These online games are very exciting and will keep you thoroughly entertained for hours. And because they are all free, that’s a whole lot better than sitting in front of your computer playing a single game.

Armor qq online Games is another good source for locating free online games in various categories such as action, strategy, fantasy, MMO (multiplayer online role-playing), puzzles and many more. Many of the free games you’ll find on Armor Games are actually downloadable as apps for mobile devices, so you can easily download them onto your phone and continue playing from anywhere you go. In addition, the free online games offered by Armor Games also have their own social networking features where you and your friends can play together. The latest additions to the directory are the tower defense games, so check out the Kongregate rage meter and see how fast you can reach the top!

Mobile gaming has taken the world by storm with its wildly popular apps. From games for smart phones to innovative devices like the GearVR, there are many exciting free online games to test your mobile skills and enjoy the fun of multiplayer gaming. Whether you enjoy role-playing or wish to be the hero in a competitive game, you’ll be able to find a free game to suit your needs on Kongregate. With an array of titles such as Dodge and roll, Dodge ’em all and tower defense, you can custom build your own Kongregate account and invite your friends to join the fun.

One of the most fascinating things about the free online games on Kongregate is the Kongregate rage meter. This nifty meter helps you keep track of your progress through time and lets you see at a glance if you’re on the right track. The rage meter shows your current level of excitement, allowing you to determine if you’re up to challenging yourself with a high level of activity. If you’re not, the meter will fill slowly until you choose to refresh it. You can also use the rage meter to view your highest score in a certain game, letting you feel proud of your accomplishments.

Another terrific option for those looking for free online games to play is the Kongregate application. With this application, you’ll be able to browse through a variety of computer browser and mobile phone games types. You can select the type of game that you want to play and take advantage of a number of interactive features such as voice chat, online forums and photo sharing. If you’re a social person by nature, don’t miss this option. You can even create your very own profile and get friends to join in on the fun. The Kongregate site even offers you the option of playing for free and getting credits that you can redeem for prizes or cash.

For those who prefer not to play games online, another option for free online games to select from is the miniclip application. The miniclip site includes a variety of fun arcade games where you’ll be able to choose from popular games including Solitaire, Sudoku and many others. Although the interface for the miniclip application is quite different than that of Kongregate, it still includes some nice options for keeping entertained.

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