The Success of Advertising

Advertising is a communication that uses an overtly sponsored, usually non-face-to-face message to sell or promote a commercial product, service or concept. Sponsors of advertisement are usually large companies wishing to market their goods or services to the general public. Advertising agencies deal with such sponsors to produce appropriate advertisements that appeal to the masses. The advertisements are usually placed in various places such as magazines and newspapers, as well as on the internet.

When it comes to the production of advertisements, there are three main channels through which they can be disseminated: directly to the target market, via mass media like television, radio and the print media, and via the internet. Direct marketing is the most popular mode of advertisement with companies sending out brochures to people in their area. A company that has an office located in a high profile area will likely have more brochures distributed to this area in a short period of time. These advertisements will then get into the hands of the target market without much effort. Media coverage includes newsprint, radio and TV ads, as well as magazine and book advertisements. Internet advertising can be either on websites or email advertising campaigns.

A brand is advertised through its association with a set of products or services that a consumer chooses. There are several factors that influence a brand’s popularity including the quality of the goods or services being sold, the reputation of the company selling them and the way in which they are advertised. For instance, McDonald’s is one of the most popular brands in the world and their logo is everywhere you look. As consumers become familiar with this logo, they associate it with certain quality products and services, which mean that people will generally purchase these from the company if they wish to buy them. Similarly, when a company is advertised its popularity is generally based on the way in which it is advertised. Visit NZ marketplace to understand what chances you have.

Advertising agencies use a wide range of methods in order to produce successful advertisements. When creating a brand building advertisement it should aim to create brand recognition, increase brand loyalty and build brand equity. Brand recognition refers to consumers recognising the brand and feeling attached to it. This means that if a consumer sees or comes across a particular advertisement for a particular product and then doesn’t think highly of the company that produces it, then they are likely to develop a negative opinion of the brand.

On the other hand, exposure of the company and its products to the target market is important so that people see the benefits in doing business with them and subsequently decide to patronise them. It is important to ensure that the advertising is not simply an advert for another product which is competing with the firm being advertised. For example, if an ad was for an accountant firm and it advertised its services alongside another firm who specialises in payrolls then the chances are that the target market would see the accountant firm advertised more than the payroll company because they are more likely to be a client of the accounting firm. To keep a long-term relationship with customers, it is essential to be honest and produce high quality advertisements. When creating advertising it is important to make sure that all aspects of the advertising are integrated so that the final product and the campaign overall can achieve the desired results.

When it comes to the choice between billboards and advertising placements, then the choice is more about what works for the client rather than the brand itself. Placed in appropriate locations, billboards can bring individuals into a store and engage them in a conversation about the product. However, when the message is repetitive, as is often the case on billboards, then it may alienate some of the target market. The main aim for either type of advertising should be that the consumer should come away from the experience of viewing the advertisement with a positive view of the company. This is one of the key goals behind using advertising to promote a brand. Whether billboards or advertising placements are used, the main aim should be that consumers come away with a positive feeling and think highly of the company and its products and services.

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