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It was sometime in 1990 that I was able to tour the Oakland Coliseum and even got step on the field to watching batting practice. I am not sure of the date I do know the Oakland Athletics were playing the Texas Rangers that night. While I got the tour I met Reggie Jackson of all people in the clubhouse and doubt he will remember this got to shake hands with one of the most intimidating pitchers in Major League Baseball history, Dave Stewart.

I remember watching afternoon games on TV listening to Greg Papa and Ray Fosse when I lived in the Bay Area. Even though during those years especially in the mid 1990s, not being good. Got to see Geronimo Berroa and Matt Stairs beging to make a name for themselves. Both hitting over 30 home runs and driving in 100 runs. Obviously, there were some anger inducing trades as well with Jose Canseco getting sent to the Texas Rangers and Mark McGwire to the St. Louis Cardinals.

A’s fans all know about the home run chase involving McGwire and Sammy Sosa. The two were the reason fans came back to baseball after the strike in 1994.

During this time the A’s drafted well with Jason Giambi winning an MVP though he also deserved one in 2001. Miguel Tejada was one of the best offensive short stops in MLB right up there with Alex Rodriguez and ahead of Derek Jeter. Eric Chavez in recent memory is the only A’s player to get a long contract extension, did he deserve it? Yes. He was one of the best offensive third basemen in MLB and defensively right up there with Scott Rolen at the time. Unfortunately injuries derailed his career.

When it came to pitching the Athletics had the big three of Tim Hudson, Barry Zito, and Mark Mulder. All three had seasons with 20 or more wins, one won a Cy Young and the other two came in second in voting.

By 2004 Mulder and Hudson got traded and Zito after the 2006 season wound up signing with the San Francisco Giants.

Oakland did not find much success until 2012 and the signing of Yoenis Cespedes happened. He was fun to watch, fans showed up. Brandon Moss, Josh Reddick, and Josh Donaldson became a household name for A’s fans along with Brandon Inge who seemingly came up with big hit after big hit with runners in scoring position. The question of who was going to start at first base was finally over as well.

Still the winning didn’t last long and by 2015 the roster turned over once again.

When it came to the draft, the A’s did not perform as well as previously. Sonny Gray was really the only pitcher of late that performed well, and he got traded to the New York Yankees. Position players there have been a few more such as Matt Chapman who was tremendous defensively won a platinum glove, Matt Olson was good for the most part, Marcus Semien was kept too long and was not that great defensively at short stop, and Sean Murphy not a good hitter and arguably has the worst at-bat in A’s franchise history.

Starting Pitcher Chris Bassitt being traded in 2022 to the New York Mets also hurt.

Then there is this season where it was clear Fisher and team president Dave Kaval hardly put an effort to put out a competitive team this year. As of the game tonight the A’s sit at 19-50 for the season and that is with a seven game winning streak.

Quite possibly one of the most important dates in the team’s history in Oakland was the reverse boycott. Which drew 27,759 fans, with many shouting sell the team. There was a moment in the top of the fifth inning when the crowd went silent and then in unison the crowd go loud. At one point A’s pitcher Hogan Harris was not able to hear his pitch com device, and you can see the grin on the face of catcher Shea Langeliers.

Last night, that one grin from Langeliers proved what A’s fans have known all along. Fisher is the problem, if there was an owner that actually cared about the direction of the franchise, we would absolutely show up. Yet there is too much outside noise that places blame on the fans when that is the furthest thing from the truth.

Still what is horrible is that MLB did not say anything about it on social media, MLB Network, or on A clear sign that Athletics fans are not being listened to.

For me, I have not had many chances of late to get to the coliseum. 2015 was the last time I went, the A’s faced the Colorado Rockies. Yet I wish I was able to go to the Reverse Boycott yet could not. Still as a teenager after moving to the pacific northwest I would follow how the A’s were doing by reading the sports section in the morning. Also, I would watch on TV when taking on the Seattle Mariners and on occasion go see them play at Safeco. When I went to college on the east coast, spent a number of late nights watching those late west coast games and even took a trip to New Yankee Stadium to see a game as well.

Now that I’m in Texas, I have gone to games in Arlington and Houston.

Another memory that stands out for me is that of catcher Stephen Vogt. It took him a while to get his first Major League hit his chant will always remain engrained in A’s fans heads which is “I believe in Stephen Vogt, I believe in Stephen Vogt.” Of course his first hit was a home run and how did he finish his career? With a home run.

While the A’s have not had much postseason success of late. Pat Neshek returning to the mound was one of the best moments of late for all of MLB. Unfortunately it was under tragic circumstances, yet I will never forget the raw emotions he let out.

For those who are unaware of the situation or are on the outside looking it. Simply put A’s fans are simply tired of cheering for fan favorites only to have them leave far too soon. Will also leave you with examples of what the Coliseum was like last night. The reactions of Eric Byrnes, Dallas Braden, Stephen Piscotty, and Billie Joe Armstrong were incredible.


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