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The online casino industry in the US has come on leaps and bounds in a very short amount of time. Considering that the first real money online casinos in the US were only legalized relatively recently there are now literally dozens of legal gaming sites to play at.

All of this is ultimately good news for the consumer as it means an increased choice in terms of the games that they can play, along with the potential to pick up better bonuses and enjoy a greater overall gaming experience.

Such is the battle for supremacy in the US online casino industry that many innovative new brands have risen to the surface while several established names have struggled to compete in the online domain.

Classic casino brands surviving the new era

It hasn’t always been easy for some of the biggest casino brands to make the switch from being a physical casino resort to offering an online service. It’s not only the ex-president who has seen his casino empire fall apart, as many other legendary names in the industry have suffered as a result of increased competition from the new generation of online casino sites.

Thankfully, there are several US casino brands who have successfully made the switch to the online realm. A quick look at this overview of the best online casinos featured at reveals several powerhouse names such as BetMGM, WynnBET and Borgata who have been able to use their brand identity to harness a new generation of casino gaming fans.

This has especially been true at a state-level where casinos have managed to retain brand loyalty by giving their existing customers in the real world the chance to play at their online sites. Famous New Jersey casinos such as Sugar House and Resorts offer a case in point as they provide gamers with the reassuring sight of their brand name as well as a familiar selection of games.

Plus it’s worth noting how many brands such as BetMGM even include a reward program that works both online and in the physical domain so that players can reap real-world benefits for their online gaming. As such, it proves that established casino brands have to be willing to work in the online domain in order for their businesses to survive.



Increased competition from overseas

One of the interesting things about the online casino revolution in the US is the fact that it has brought in many brands from overseas. Major European online gambling brands such as Unibet, Bet365, Betfred and 888 Casino were quick to set up shop in the US as soon as the change in gambling laws allowed for it.

Plus, other European brands like William Hill teamed up with established US casino brands such as Caesars to lend their knowhow of operating a gambling service in the online domain.

What’s important is the fact that each of these casino sites has worked hard to make sure that they gain all of the licensing and regulation needed to legally operate in the US. This is in direct contrast with the dozens of offshore casino sites that illegally target US players despite having nothing in the way of official licensing.

Unfortunately, such offshore casinos are still used by some gamers in those states where online casino gaming is still illegal. With casino gaming lagging far behind the rollout of legalized sports betting, it looks like the US online casino scene is just getting started. But with competition between these sites growing all of the time, it can only be good news for casino gaming fans across the nation.




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