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When the NFL schedule is released in the summertime, every Eagles fan automatically circles the Cowboys game on their schedule.

The week is finally here and its “America’s Game of the Week” because this game could not only determine the division, but looking ahead, it could possibly mean, that one of these two teams could be the No.1 seed and have homefield advantage throughout the NFC playoffs, as the Philadelphia Eagles could advance to 8-1, while the Dallas Cowboys could possibly be 7-2.

If the Cowboys win, and would have the tie-breaker over the Eagles with one meeting left. Cowboys QB Dak Prescott’s record is 8-3 all-time vs the Philadelphia Eagles.

On the other hand, Prescott only faced Jalen Hurts one time, due to injuries from Jalen Hurts in the past.

For the Eagles to defeat the Cowboys, they must sustain the run game early. If the Eagles abandon the run game and allow the Cowboys to get a nice lead early in this game, then it could be a long night for Philadelphia.

The Eagles were down 14-3 last week vs the Washington Commanders and came back to win the game, but the Cowboys are much better than Washington. The Eagles should have plenty of motivation headed into this week, as the Cowboys reportedly talking a lot of smack this week, while the Eagles players for the most part haven’t really said much.

Dan Sileo reported that the Cowboys players “Can’t Wait “to play against the Eagles secondary and are even laughing at them in team meetings.

The Cowboys might be laughing, but remember, they do not have any. All-Pro cornerback Travon Diggs and the Philadelphia Eagles have a wide receiver that just set an NFL record this past week in AJ Brown, which has six straight games with 125 yards receiving.

Plus, the Cowboys secondary will have to defend Heisman Trophy winner Devonta Smith and six-time all-Pro Julio Jones in the slot. The conclusion for this game, is that the team who makes less mistakes this week, will be victorious.


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