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Google Flights, often known as Google Voos, is the best tool for those looking for ways to find the cheapest airline tickets. However, understanding how to use the platform is essential in order to access the benefits.

In this article, you will learn what Google Voos is, how it works, and some tips for getting the best experience. In this way, you’ll be able to travel more while paying less.

O que é Google Flights?

In general, Google Flights is an air travel search engine created by Google that has been operational since 2011. So it operates similarly to other search engines, such as Booking (for hotels) and Saguaros Promo (for travel insurance).

You don’t make purchases through the platform, so you can only locate the businesses that provide the best value in line with your intended destination. To put it another way, you must finish your purchase through official websites.

Veja como usar o Google Voos

The Google Flights platform is a user-friendly and straightforward one. Therefore, it won’t be possible to comprehend how it works from the first access. Overall, she is very similar to the search engine’s own website.

Enter your travel itinerary’s key details to get started. For instance, the time, location, and the number of people. Then, click “search” to see results that are relevant to you.

The platform’s ability to use the filtering functions is one of its unique features. As a result, it is possible to choose the best routes and those that provide the best cost-benefit ratio for the customers, whether for domestic or international flights.

What is Google Flights?

If you’ve ever used a keyword like “flights to Bengaluru” when searching for flights on Google, you’ve certainly noticed a card at the top of the search results that offers various details. Customers typically scroll past this card in order to visit their favorite travel websites, such as Make MyTrip or Yatra. But by doing so, customers miss out on a very efficient way to find the cheapest flight to the destination of their choice.

The card points users to Google Flights, a tool that can help you cut down on travel bills just as effectively—if not even more so—than your go-to travel apps. We will examine Google Flights in this article to see what it is, how to use it, and how it might assist with planning more inexpensive journeys.

A part of Google Travel, Google Flights is primarily an online service for researching and booking flights through third-party travel agencies. The website provides a list of all accessible possibilities when you search for a flight. Any of those will take you to the specific third-party booking website when you click on it.

In addition to this basic option, Google Flights offers a wide range of criteria to help you make a decision. You can select, for example, to only see flights with low emissions or to group flights based on how many carry-on bags they accept.

The ‘Explore’ option on Google Flights, however, is where the site really shines. It displays a map with a variety of well-known holiday spots across the globe along with how much a trip will cost you.

It’s a great way to find and explore places that fall within your budget when you’re itching for a vacation but aren’t sure where to go yet. The flight destinations become more precise the closer you zoom in on the map. Additionally, filters are available to let you customize the explore possibilities.

How can I access Google Flights?

When a flight is searched for on Google, Google Flights immediately launches, producing a card that appears above the search engine results. By tapping it, you’ll be taken to a page with more specific information on Google Flights.

The Google Flights service doesn’t have an app currently. That shouldn’t come as a surprise considering that the service it belongs to, Google Travel, is only accessible online. You can create a shortcut to Google Flights on your home screen if you want to trial the service and you anticipate using it frequently.

How does Google Flights help save money?

With its intelligent features and insights, Google Flights can help you if you’re looking for methods to save money on your upcoming travel. Several additional capabilities that complement the service’s current search functionality have been added in a recent upgrade. You can significantly reduce your airfare by using these options.

With the help of historical data and current costs, Google Flights can now advise you when to book a specific route. This data is displayed in a drop-down box on the search results page. It might say, for instance, that making a reservation three weeks beforehand will result in a 20% savings over making a reservation later.

If you aren’t quite ready to book, you may also enable price tracking to get email alerts if the price sharply drops. The Track Prices button is located towards the top-left of the search results page.

For some flights, Google Flights may also include a price guarantee, which means that if the price drops after you make your reservation, Google will reimburse you for the difference. The flights that come with this guarantee have a bright badge to identify them.

Last but not least, Google Flights can give some broad patterns and advice for reducing trip costs, such planning ahead, using a layover, or avoiding weekend departures.

So, is it time to uninstall my current travel app?

Although there isn’t an app for Google Flights, as was already noted, you can still create a shortcut on your phone’s home screen for quick access. It’s also crucial to understand that it is not the main source for booking flights and other forms of transportation. With its new features, it merely assists you in finding the greatest deals. However, you should be aware that Google Travel does not allow you to book buses or trains if you want to replace your current travel app with it.

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