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Las Vegas isn’t known as Sin City for nothing! There’s a lot of great things happening in Vegas, but there’s a lot of bad things too. If you aren’t careful, you could end up pursuing a claim after a mishap in a casino, or at the very least, end up with blisters on your feet.

Follow these seven tips on your next trip to Las Vegas to make the most of your vacation so you remember it for all the right reasons.

Spend More Time at Your Hotel

There are tons of things to do and see in Las Vegas. You could stay for an entire month and still not do it all. And yet, so many people try to do it all. They get up early in the morning and head out, leaving their hotel room behind until it’s time to crash at the end of the night.

But there’s a lot to do at your hotel too!

Instead of planning full days on the strip, plan an afternoon or an entire day where you stay at your hotel. Most have an amazing array of things to do, from swimming pools to spas, buffets, and stores. You’ll have plenty of fun, but you won’t have to go far to do it.

Consider Staying on Fremont Street

Hotels on The Strip can be expensive. If you’re looking for a more affordable place to stay, consider Fremont Street. Hotels there tend to be more affordable than the hotels on The Strip.

Other reasons to consider staying on Fremont Street include:

  • Vintage, retro décor that brings you closer to the original Vegas experience
  • More intimate, personalized service
  • Budget-friendly entertainment options with free street performances
  • Delicious, more affordable food options

Fremont Street also tends to be more laid-back. People seem to spend more time soaking up their surroundings, gambling, and enjoying a meal than the hurried pace of The Strip.

Bring Good Walking Shoes

You may be tempted to wear a funky pair of shoes or heels to a show, dinner, or the club, but it’s probably a lot further away than you think. Buildings look close together in Las Vegas when you look at them on a GPS, but the hotels in Las Vegas are some of the largest in the world. Just walking from one side of a hotel to the other can be enough to make your feet hurt.

That’s not all. Las Vegas is purposely designed without public places to sit. It encourages tired visitors to sit in front of a slot machine or at a restaurant and spend money instead. That means there really aren’t a lot of places for you to sit down and rest really quick.

Do yourself a favor and wear walking shoes. If it really is important for you to wear dress shoes, bring them in a bag so you can change into them when you get to your final destination. Your feet will thank you.

Bring a Sweater or a Light Jacket

Las Vegas can get really hot, but it can get cold too. Especially in the evening as the temperature drops, and in the winter when the high may only reach 60 degrees. Bring a sweater or a light jacket so you aren’t cold when you’re out exploring.

While you’re at it, bring a sweater with you during the day too! It may be 100 degrees outside in the summer, but the casinos keep things pretty chilly inside. You’ll be glad you have a light jacket to keep you warm as you play the slots or grab lunch.

Know Where to Get a Ride

Getting a ride in Las Vegas isn’t as easy as stepping up to the curb and hailing a cab. Safety laws actually prohibit taxicabs from picking up passengers directly on the Las Vegas Strip.

Don’t worry. There are still plenty of places to hitch a ride. You just have to know where to go.

Casinos, resorts, shopping centers, and attractions all have stands dedicated to picking up and dropping off passengers. You just have to know where those spots are.

At the very least, make sure you know where you can hitch a ride at your hotel. That way, you don’t end up all the way over on the other side of the building and realize you can’t hail a cab.

Prioritize Time to Rest

Las Vegas never sleeps. There is an endless array of nighttime activities that can keep you busy from sun up to sun down.

That doesn’t mean you should stay up all day and night! It’s easy to get injured or find yourself in trouble when you are exhausted. That’s especially true if you’ve had a few drinks, which is easy to do in Las Vegas.

Prioritize time to rest. Whether that means sleeping in and heading out in the afternoon, coming back to the hotel in the afternoon to take a nap, or sleeping the day away so you can enjoy the nightlife. You may not be able to do everything when you take breaks, but what you do end up doing will be safer and a lot more fun.

Know What to Plan and When to Go With the Flow

Shows can sell out fast in Las Vegas, so it’s a good idea to get your tickets early. But that doesn’t mean every second of your trip should be planned!

A lot of entertaining things happen on the fly in Las Vegas. Whether it’s a street performer, hitting the jackpot, or a pop-up attraction, you want to make sure you have free time to enjoy it all. Las Vegas is all about finding a balance between planned activities and free time so you can be spontaneous.

No other city in the world has more to do than Las Vegas! Don’t let having so much choice keep you from enjoying your vacation fully. With these tips, you can make the most of every minute in Sin City.


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