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If you’re a resident of any nation in the world and must perform Umrah, you must rely on a valid source with a customized Umrah Packages option. Even if you travel alone, with a group or family, don’t compromise about travelling to Saudi Arabia.

Performing Umrah is a great act of Islam, and every Muslim wants to perform it at any cost. Since it’s an act that only Muslims can get it. When it comes to travelling to Mecca, numerous things should be beyond any doubt. So, here in this article, we will discuss some tips and precautions that one must follow for travelling to Saudi Arabia’s city of Mecca for Umrah.

Getting your visa in order:

A visa is necessary for travelling to any other country. Usually, pilgrims use Umrah visas to travel to Saudi Arabia, but there are also several types that you can use, such as tourist visas. Remember, a visa is essential and mandatory regardless of any other options. A valid passport is necessary for obtaining the visa. You can also use any other legal document (residential card (BRP in case of British resident)/travel document) in case you don’t have a passport. But make sure that you have got an approval for a visa.

Make sure you have proper flights and accommodation:

After getting the visa from a trusted travel agency, it’s time that you have a proper flight for travel. Flights play a primary role throughout your journey as you travel through your flight. How will you travel if you have yet to reserve any flight options? It would be best to book a direct flight to avoid any stopovers to other countries.

Undoubtedly, you will stay in the holy cities of Mecca and Medina, so accommodation becomes necessary. Now it’s your choice which type of accommodation you want, such as three, four, or five-star. It would be best to remember not to compare the standard of Saudi Arabian hotels with your home countries if you feel something like that.

Pack according to the airline policy:

Always pack according to the airline policy that has been settled. Most airlines have set some standard luggage weightage. If your luggage exceeds the determined weight, you pay some extra charges. Usually, airline weightage ranges from 20-30 kg allowance. Remember one thing: you are going to Mecca to perform Umrah, so pack lightly and modestly and include only the Umrah essentials.

Ensure that you don’t have any health issues:

It would be best to take care of your health once you book an Umrah package. If anybody has any health-related problems, they must have a health certificate regarding the disease. If one suffers from a severe health problem, the Saudi government might not allow them to travel. It would be best to get health insurance to avoid problems.

Be aware of your surroundings:

You should be aware of your surroundings whenever you are travelling or departing. Take care of your things and members/children in crowded places. If you are travelling with older people, you must be very careful. Older people and children require more attention and care.

Moreover, Mecca is a very crowded and prominent place. It has become mandatory for every Muslim to be careful in crowded areas. Take care of your things to avoid pickpockets and scams as well.

Be aware of weather conditions in Mecca:

Mecca is where the weather doesn’t get too cold, even in the winter. The weather becomes moderate here in October and November and becomes somehow cold in winter. But It mostly becomes dry and hot in the summer, like June and July.

If you perform Umrah in the summer, you must be active due to the hot weather. Take some precautions, use an umbrella, and take breaks. Most importantly, drink plenty of water for a successful Umrah experience.

Avoid using foul language for others:

Mecca is a very respectful and holy city. It contains the Holy Kaaba and Masjid al-Haram. Many sacred places and sites are in the holy city of Mecca. It would help if you had to respect the city. If you get hurt by any other, don’t use bad words/language. Avoid making disputes; otherwise, the country’s penalty is very harsh. Respect the country as it deserves. Be polite, respectful, grateful, and perspective to help others and make happiness.

After finalizing this article, going to Mecca city can be the best chance for you if you are a first-timer. Take advantage of this opportunity to visit Allah’s (SWT) house. Take it as a blessing, and remember that Allah (SWT) is calling you to perform the pilgrimage. If you face any difficulty while going, try to get help from your friends and relatives who already performed Umrah. Or you can get help from your travel agent dealing with you. He will give you a proper guide about travelling, departing, and performing pilgrimage. May you have a good journey!

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